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Brewed 12 Shiitake – meedamFM
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    The premium liquid type seasoning made by Meedam!

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Brewed 12 Shiitake

The cool taste of shiitake mushrooms with their own deep fragrance and tantalizing taste.

This product uses Shiitake mushroom as the main ingredient, and it is used to create the clean and fresh flavor of soup dishes.
The Shiitake mushroom is directly brewed, and its inherent flavor and scent are alive within the product.

It is excellent when you need deep, delicate, and rich flavors without using a chemical condiment.

This product is suitable for all kinds of dishes due to the deep scent and flavor of Shiitake mushroom contained which it contains.

One scoop per one serving of soup dish

One scoop per four servings of the seasoned vegetable dish

One scoop per four servings of Jjigae and Jjim dishes

A drop or two for other sauces and soy sauce for fried dishes

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Doenjang Jjigae